Our Priorities

We understand the person and place before design ideas enter the picture. nce these along with climate, micro climate, local planning regulations, available materials and crafts are researched; only then can the design process begin as a distillation of a complex set of variables leading to a unique and personal outcome. Functions are first resolved to a high level; only then can the emotional and experiential elements come into play and be expressed as form.

What We Work With


Materials and detailing are used carefully and consistently as part of a coherent whole rather than as a feature with the intention of the design to craft space and experience. The physicality is in a sense dematerialised with the framed views, light and shadow being the elements perceived.


The experience of working in different parts of the world creates a unique perspective, starting with a honed understanding of the local conditions then drawing references of design typologies from other places and cultures deepening the scope and richness of design potentialities.

Who We Work With

Expert Consultants:

We work closely with consultants from a position of understanding and knowledge which allows us to drive their work. Not only in terms of coordination with the architecture but to look beyond the safe norms to push structure, reducing material usage and mechanical/ electrical systems for high level integration of passive and active energy systems for Environmental Sustainable Design.

Landscape Designers:

Our understanding of landscape allows us to work closely with the best in their field to create integrated projects applying the same philosophical approach to both buildings and landscape.

Artists & Craftsmen: 
Artists and craftsman as well as contractors are listened to to help define the methodology of the built form both in terms of beauty and efficiency.

This combination of elements and method of approach leads to highly resolved buildings quietly and sensitively placed in the landscape with the utmost care prioritising theexperience of the client, enhancing quality of life and a sense of well being with deep connections to nature, landscape and an appreciation of the importance of everyday functions and rituals.

The studio has primary bases in Australia, Indonesia and Portugal with the ability to execute projects globally teaming with a network of local partners.

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